Financial Documents

This website includes information relating to the University of Massachusetts Building Authority (UMBA) and certain of its bonds and notes, including offering documentation and other materials. Any such material is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be the basis of, and should not be relied upon in making, an investment in UMBA bonds or notes. THIS WEBSITE DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN OFFER TO SELL OR THE SOLICITATION OF AN OFFER TO SELL OR BUY ANY SECURITIES. OFFERS TO PURCHASE UMBA BONDS OR NOTES MAY ONLY BE MADE THROUGH A REGISTERED BROKER-DEALER AND THROUGH AN OFFICIAL STATEMENT OR OTHER OFFERING DOCUMENT.

Materials that may be of interest to holders of UMBA bonds or notes are presented in this section for historical information only. The information set forth in the documents accessible from this page is limited in scope and does not contain all material information concerning UMBA or its bonds or notes, or the University of Massachusetts, necessary to make an informed investment decision. By checking the box below, the user acknowledges that the documents presented address only the matters discussed therein, are each dated as of a certain date and have not been updated since that date and, as a result, may not address all factors that may be material to an investor. The user further acknowledges that such documents may contain material misstatements or omissions of fact because of the passage of time or changes in facts or circumstances subsequent to the dates of such documents, or both. UMBA expressly disclaims any duty to provide an update of any document contained in this section.